Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Rolex Submariner - The best watch in the world!

The Rolex Submariner! The greatest watch ever made. Bond had one and Bond knows best. The Submariner is a divers watch resistant to 300m. I first met my love on the wrist of  a car dealer in the early eighties. He would leave his watch as a deposit for a car as many dealers did........ How cool! What I like about the submariner is it's pure bulkiness combined with it's absolute mechanical perfection. It really has no place in every day life , but that's what makes it stand out so much. The Rolex submariner for me is iconic a bit like an American president. Cost let's not talk about cost.if you need the ask the price you can't afford it.let me leave you with leave you with a few pictures to salivate over

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