Saturday, 30 November 2013

Lewis Collins a very inspirational man

Lewis Collins one of my all time heroes has passed away aged 67. We all knew him as Bodie from the Professionals with Martin Shaw staring along side as Doyle. I never understood why we never saw more of Lewis after the Professionals finished came to an end. He did indeed try out for the part of James Bond. A part made for him but he was considered to aggressive for the role. Perhaps he became disillusioned with the industry and who could blame him.

He moved his family to LA where he started a computer business. Talk about man of many talents. What I liked about Lewis is a bit unusual for an actor but he really was as tough as he seemed. He was a reservist for the Parachute Regiment and even tried out for the SAS, in which he was successful for selection.

I will raise a glass for you tonight Lewis wherever you are.Below is a clip from Who Dares Wins catch the film if you can.


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