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The Objective- Science fiction movie review

The Objective movie review _ A blog for men

Only on the last post was I talking about what makes a great science fiction movie (showing us something that we have never seen before) and I think that this one qualifies.

I thoroughly enjoyed this film, as I expected nothing from it.

This film gets you thinking! And that’s what I want from a movie. I read a couple of reviews for the film and what I found was a love it hate it scenario. I came up with a formula for science fiction fans called the Kubrick/Spielberg equation. It reads like this! The Kubrick side of things lets you imagination ride with suggestion and ambiguity. Where the Spielberg side leaves nothing out and answers all of your questions. If you are a Spielberg fan then this movie will not be for you. However if you lean towards the Kubrick side keep reading.

The director of The Objective was also involved in the Blair Witch project. And it shows. In fact one of the cast members was also in the Blair Witch.

 OK I’m not going to give any spoilers away here but let’s set the scene. The story revolves around a Special Forces team and an unwanted CIA agent tagging along( Predator) going into Afghanistan. They are to investigate a possible nuclear threat and radioactive signature caught on satellite. What they find is something else .Something very mysterious. And I will leave it at that. Start trying to guess what they find. You most likely won’t and that’s what great about the film.

The acting is great! And they are all pretty much unknowns, which allows you to believe the characters a little bit better. It also allows for the story and suspense to take precedence. The realism of the way these guys go to work is magnificent. A lot of thought and training had gone into this, and there wasn’t a moment in the film when I didn’t think that these guys were real Special Forces.

I’m not going to give any more away here! But I will tell you that some of it is based on real folk law, which hasn’t been discussed really outside of the film.

I really enjoyed this movie and I am going to watch it again. And I do recommend it to the thinkers out there.

Verdict  8/10

I don't recommend you watch the trailer as it gives away too much.

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